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Nutrella Creates The Most Flattering ‘Magic Mirror’ Of All-Time

This kind of marketing is so enticing! It’s really amazing how they come up with this kind of idea. I’m pretty impressed with how this production conceptualize and develop from a recent idea.

So here’s the background: (from creative guerrilla marketing)

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The Friendly Mirror

This concept is exactly what has been explored in the latest campaign from Nutrella, a company that specializes in healthy breads, which ran in Brazil in June. The Friendly Mirror campaign involved the planting of several mirrors around an urban setting that were outfitted with cameras and speakers. When people walked past the mirror and examined themselves, a woman’s voice (watching from a nearby location) complimented the individuals, eliciting smiles and laughter. To thank these individuals for their participation Nutrella employees come out of the street with hampers filled with lots of healthy Nutrella products.


The Smile In You

It’s obvious that the Friendly Mirror campaign is targeting women, which fits in with the Nutrella brand image and it’s selection of products. The company produces a large variety of interesting breads, with a strong focus on healthy eating and the concept of eating healthy to feel happy. Their tagline is ‘Awakens A Smile In You’, which has strong and coherent links with the ides in the campaign that should assist in its effectiveness.


The Feel Good Campaign

One thing that this campaign has started is a discussion on just how the concept of inner beauty fits with a healthy bread company. On the shallowest of levels, this campaign seems better suited to a beauty brand, something like the ‘inner beauty’ campaigns that Dove and other similar brands have been working on of late. But, we think that when you really think about it, this campaign makes the most sense for a brand like Nutrella.

The core of Nutrella’s business plan, from what we can pick up on their Portuguese website, is that when you eat good food, you feel good inside and out. The concept of beauty is of course highly linked to how good we feel, both in our bodies and our minds, so is it really a stretch to link healthy eating with beauty? We don’t think so.

In fact, we are pretty impressed at just how flawlessly Nutrella has walked the line between overly cheesy and endearingly complimentary. They’ve really thought the entire campaign through from using a young and fun voice, to working with smart technology, making use of the element of surprise and, of course, rewarding with strong brand images for instant and memorable customer loyalty.


Brand Awareness is Key

Nutrella is a brand that seems to have a little niche market pretty set up, but they’re obviously working on changing a number of stereotypes about their bread products and healthy living. For most people, bread is the ultimate no-go in terms of living healthy, thanks to many carbohydrate misconceptions. The Friendly Mirror campaign works to offset those misconceptions and negative views by totally ignoring them. Instead of trying to refute, Nutrella has simply stepped outside the box and looked at the big picture: Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy.


Fatal Farm Production Works

 Mama Sherman and the Legion of Super Fans in “COPTER CAPER!”

UNDERCRANKED NEWS: Zachary Johnson: ‘Shave’ Old Spice

UNDERCRANKED NEWS: Zachary Johnson: ‘Shave’ Old Spice from Undercranked on Vimeo.

So I found this two commercials and I was thinking that they have the same type of way to advertise. It’s catchy, colors are enticing and a bit funny to watch to. Then I’ve read that they have the same director, so I tried to look them up through internet and found their main site. And I can say, their website is pretty nice too. Haha

All I can say is that this group of people in this production are pretty creative and knows how to stretch the standards and style of advertising or any work of production. They always think a unique concept to effectively catch the audience’s attention. 

Concept Development: Barker Advocacy Poster

So recently, we had a project in our Socio Anthropology about Social Perspective Advocacy.

We were given a number of choice of sector and the instruction is no groups will have the same choice of sector. Our group decided to choose the barkers. Then we will formulate our research problems pertaining to a need of the sector we intend to study and provide a brief description of the methodology and medium to be used for the activity. The medium we chose is to make a poster or an infograph about poster and about our advocacy.

We interviewed at least 4 barkers and thought that the main problem of this sector is that not only their financial but also their health. So we focused on the health problems as barkers.

We actually like this kind of infograph poster.

But we thought that it’s cooler if we will use an open-body-with-organs kind of vector to use and half of the body is the real barker with a sign. So I found an image, which looks like this:

I tried to play with the color combinations to make the poster look nice, and this is how I came up with:

But I find it dull looking and not catchy so I searched for good combination of colors to  incorporate for our poster then I found this:

So I tried to make a vector out of the images and produced an image like this:

So I gathered all their researches and summarized it so it will be possible to merge into one poster. And then until I came up with the final product.

Final Product:
Click Here (Larger Resolution)

Radio Best FM Ad

“The magic of music is that it instantly creates a response through dance. This was the premise in developing a new campaign for Best FM; to create a piece of communication that will engage people and reward them for playing along.

Using perspective illusions, the Best FM Billboard invite people to use typical dance moves by shaking their heads up and down and from side to side. Only when doing these moves, the silhouette of famous musicians become visible.”

 This kind of guerrilla advertising is an another technique in which the audience have to participate in order to see the ad. I find this a bit cool but I was thinking what if the audience doesn’t want to participate, or they just saw the empty ad and passed through it, so at some point I find it a little complex or no use at all if only a few will participate with  the ad. But by other term, this is another way or invention of an outdoor ad. 

Holden Cruze Z Series: New Light

This is not a typical car advertisement. I find it unique for a car advertisement because they used time-lapse technique and which made the product more enticing. It’s cool also that the different angles of the car were shown. Other than the car advertisement, this ad also showed the magnificent scenic landscapes of Tasmania. 

Who am I?

Well to start of, I will introduce myself, I’m Isa and this is my little family.

I’m born and raised Catholic so I can say, I have a family that’s pretty religious than average families out there.

Since I only have a little family, I’m very close to my parents because they are all I’ve got.

Our family loves to take vacation every now and then if we have time and money. Haha. It’s like our escape from dull reality of stressful days.

I love jogging and walking. I find walking as a fun activity because I can go places to places without spending a penny. I like walking every morning in our village because I can smell pandesal and viands being cooked, children getting ready for school, from at ease to busy streets, from dark blue sky to orange-y sky and many more.

My mom is my walking/jogging buddy.

I have a sweet tooth. My weakness are sweets. I can take not eating rice for a whole week except sweets. I will die if I will not eat anything sweet everyday.

I love babies and kids because their eyes are so innocent and curious once their eyes laid on adults. It’s like they’re always finding answers and trying to analyze what’s going on and once they smile, it’s just the best thing in the world. They never fail to amaze me. #harthart

I love taking random photos, capturing candid moments, or anything I find interesting. I’m not really a good photographer; I’m still learning to enhance my skill.

I have a lot of “Titos” and “Titas” and I’m kinda close to them. I got a pretty big family. In my mother’s side, she has 4 more siblings and in my father’s side, he has 10 more siblings.

I like talking and listening to elders because they got a lot of things I can learn from once they open their mouth.

When I was 3 years old, my Mom and Dad joined Marriage Encounter. So I grew up with these people and we have our community named Jericho Journeying Catholic Community. My parents are the presiding couple for more than 2 years now in this community.
And we do charity works. We donate, make an outreach activities and many more. Prayer meeting is held every Tuesday night in our house.
I can say I’m a proud Paulinian (Batch 2012) All my foundation of insights and learnings I owe to this school. (Photos below are our documentation of our Community Extension Service)

So when I entered college, I got-in in University of Santo Tomas.

I got awe-zum CFAD blockmates

and uh-mazing beautiful friends and very smart professors.
 I enjoy being a student because everyday is exciting. I may have sleepless nights but I’m fine with it.
 I love my course and I’m very blessed to have all of these and keep on thanking God of the blessings He gave me.